Monday, 14 March 2011

Handphone(sony erisson)

Handphone(sony erisson)

The thing that I can’t live without is my handphone- sony ericsson. The first handphone that I use since I was form 3, my father bought for my birthday and I keep it until now. However, the phone is not function but I still keeping because it was first handpnone. Now I using sony ericsson(ss500), that I bought when I get my first salary. Since I have a handphone everything I will depend on it. If I lost my handphone I will lost all contact number with everyone because many friends phone number and my family phone number I had been save in handphone. I cannot to remember all the number without handphone. Besides that, i depend my handphone to wake me up every morning, reminded me the time table of class, and use my handphone to take photo.
The most important is communication. That has one thing let me unforgettable memory in my life. This was happen in last year, I and my friend went to ‘padang besar’ to buy thing and shop around there. However, on the road back to uum, the car was out of petro. Then, we need to stop on the high way and there has a lot of lorry go through. I and my friend feel very scares and on that time we think that we will die on the road if the lorry didn’t see us. We feel shake when the lorry go through. Fortunately, i use my handphone to contact my friend came to help us. Lastly, we are save and came back to university.

Yee Sue Theng

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The thing that i cannot live without with ~~~~

bausch&lomb lens 

i used to wear lenses when i step out from my room as i really doesn't  like to wear spectacle, i tried many lens before but at last i choose bausch&lomb lens at last because the diameter of contact lenses fit my cornea and its really comfortable, the most important thing is  Bausch is the only company to offer lenses for 30-day extended wear.i feel more confident and pleasant with lenses instead of spectacle so i really cant live without it i cant really imagine one day without it~~
i suffered from refractive errors since form 4 and i still remembered that time i still refuse to wear spectacle but the thing is i didn't wear any lenses that time as i doesn't effort to buy lenses that time as a student haha~so at last i cant really view thing clearly ...finally something happened caused me have to depend on glasses for few years and i really look nerd with glasses..
one day my class teacher suddenly choose randomly one of us to read the sentences written on the board and i am the lucky one being selected omg!!! how am i going to read the word from the board since i left my glasses at home causing total embarrassment and since the day i wear glasses everyday untill i bought my very first contact lenses and if i have enough money i will do refractive eye surgery to improve the refractive state of the eye and decrease or eliminate dependency on lenses....
(liew soew tean)