Sunday, 24 April 2011

electronic advertising

when talk about what i have learned in electronic advertising class,
honestly its really a lot of interesting thing,
as i'm from marketing course, and the thing we use to learn is more to theory thingy, and always 4ps, consumer behavior and all that.
hence, its really some kind of different in advertising,
before that,i was thinking advertising is just a strategy to cheat people,the more the product doing advertisement the more they can get because nowadays people believe with the product with high visibility.
moreover, with the challenging group assignment its really a task that taught me a lot and to do a proposal without a guideline really a headache thing in the world, i'm not sure what i wrote is necessary or not but lets see what gonna happen in pitching day.
a lot of thing to learn in electronic class, creative pyramid which i have done before this, even a  word in printed advertisement have their own meaning and purposes.
why and how people doing advertisement can be so creative and i found most of the advertisement from thailand is so creative and funny,really curios where they can get such idea....
lastly, hope i have a chances to learn more about advertising in future and can have capability to generate many creative idea no matter in advertising or marketing field.
(liew soew tean)

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