Sunday, 24 April 2011

What i have Learned in Electronic Advertising

Now, we have finished electronic advertising class. 
In class, our lecture has taught us what is advertising, how was the process in advertising, which media is suitable to use, how was the media bring the advertising to attract consumer.
Madam has show us a lot of ads, it really catch my attention which is the ads of football at the building. The purpose of ads is to try impressing audience and creating interest from the audience toward the ads. When the audience has attracted with the ads, they will buy the product. The ads is to aid the product to reach their audience.
Besides that, madam have give us a task of operate an advertising agency. From the task, I have learned a lot how an agency operates from top management until creative part. We have to work together and good communication within each of us because it has related to each part. 
It also has different perspective of advertising and marketing such as media planner. I have misunderstood about the media which is use what technique to promote the product such as doing exhibition or sponsorship event. After explanation of our lecture, I only know that was marketing department to promote the product. An agency media is using what tool to advertising the ads such as social media, printed media and so on.

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